Written Communication

Written Communication

Written communication has been considered very important in corporate world. It is more of dealing with anyone in written for making appoint clear. There are two ways to communicate:- 1) Oral/Verbal & 2) Written.

What is written communication?

Written communication allows you to write your feelings, thoughts, ideas, and proposals on paper clearly. Through written communication you can give an idea of your personality, choices, skills, content expertise and presentation to the person receiving that communication.

It is no new inn this era of globalization that people prefer to have written communication for anything said and done. Ancient times people used to write letters and send through pigeons/birds to another place and the communication went changing and improvising with the development and globalization.

The old letter writing became email writing and now the easiest tool to send a message is through text message on mobile or an email.

Written communication includes many different types:-

  • Email writing
  • Presentation
  • Notice
  • Letter
  • Agreements
  • Policies
  • Speech
  • Description
  • Academics
  • Editorial /news

There many more writing types required in our daily routine and one of the most essential one is corporate communication writing.

Here are some of the ways to improve your written communication:-

  • Avoid information which is not relevant.
  • Write to inform and if you are expecting a response, do such writing where the opposite person feels responding well.
  • Writing has a tone and try to use only assertive tone to improve your professional association for long.
  • Use simple language.
  • Write only useful words as far as length of the document is concerned.
  • Avoid grammatical mistakes.
  • Use proper punctuations as it can change the meaning drastically.

Hopefully we have given you few tips which will create a desire in you to know more. Stay tuned and keep reading our blogs.

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