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Why students should learn English before going to college

3Communicating in English is the most important life skill. Period.

Though English is very essential for all age groups, it holds special importance for students. Till high school, education can be taken in regional language, but all graduate courses are available in English language only. Most of the students change their medium of education after finishing their schooling. So during the phase, when a schoolchild becomes a collegian, he or she requires the training of English to get better hold over the college subjects.

There are students who do not pay enough attention on English during schooldays. Such pupils cannot even interpret what professors inform in English. Then how can they score well?

Students, who have their schooling in native language, suffer enormous problems to compete with English medium students. How can they then cope with competition?

The solution of all such questions and confusions is the one and only – to join a reputed spoken English class (such as English House) which provides practical-based training along with the environment to boost your confidence for English speaking.

No pain, no gain. Take the pain of learning this language. Once you develop your English, it will help you throughout your life, in all your ups and downs. If you keep yourself in the company of English learners and speakers (as provided in English House), the intensity of the pain will reduce and you can easily start speaking.

Best of luck!

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