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Why one should learn English language?

Why one should learn English language?

In today’s competitive era, English is absolutely essential for everyone – be it housewives, students, school dropouts, professionals, businessmen, retired people, corporate, job seekers and what not.

Let’s take their cases one by one.

The events during which housewives/homemakers need English speaking skill are open house meeting, dealing with relatives or society members, visiting banks, communicate to shoppers in malls and so on. How can we forget her duty of helping children in their studies? All these tasks and responsibilities, you cannot perform well unless you are excellent at English.

For students, all higher studies are available only in English. So most of the students who change their medium from Gujarati/Hindi to English face difficulties.

There are multiple job vacancies in call centres, BPOs, KPOs, and so on. As all such companies generally deal with overseas clients. Thus, their prime expectation from employees is nothing but the fluency in English. The same is even more significant for the professionals, who expect career growth and handsome increments.

For entrepreneurs, fluency in English can be a game-changer. They often need to write and talk to clients, bank managers, corporates et cetera. Without English, they cannot think of taking their business to national or international levels. Those businessmen who cannot communicate in English have to hire interpreters who are proficient in English.

English can ease out lives of retired people also. In this second innings of life, English can help them in many ways such as in bank transaction, legal documentation and so on.

You can never know when life opens the door of opportunity for you. So be prepared to soar high.


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