Stress Management

Stress Management

Stress Managment

Stress is when you work more than you are used to or you are assigned to. When you are in stress your body reacts differently and makes you feel as in danger. Managing stress at work is an important task in today’s multitasking and challenging environment. The good news is if you know how to manage your stress, you can easily and efficiently perform in today’s economic difficulty.

How to manage stress level at work place?

Stress is normal at workplace, especially when the companies are competing in global race for their presence and business share. Some stress at workplace is common, whereas excessive stress can hamper your productivity, performance, health and increase the level of frustration.

Here are few tips on managing stress at workplace:-

1) Reach out to co-workers and friends in the office: – Talk to people whom you know well and to those whom you can rely on. Share your stress and ask them for guidance or support to make decisions.
2) Meet your friends & family and socialize a bit with them. Increase your social circle to get rid of unnecessary stressful thoughts.
3) Build new relationships at work and in personal life too. If you think, you cannot talk to someone about it; get new friends to understand you and be with them who are appreciative.
4) Give yourself time for nutrition and exercise. When you are overly focused on work, you give less time to your health. So when you are stressed out, if you pamper yourself, your stress level decreases automatically.
5) Eat good food, and reduce the intake of sugary food. When you are stressed, you ought to crave for fries, sweets, chocolates whereas such food would make you feel stuffed and less energetic.
6) Try to eat more omega-3 fatty acids to give you a boost in the energy.
7) Have proper sleep, frustration and stress increases if you are deprived of proper sleep.
8) Avoid nicotine consumption and drinking alcohol, it may reduce your worry temporarily but it creates anxiety.
9) Create a schedule for self, all work and no play is a straight recipe for stress. Play video games, chill out with friends, go shopping, and pamper yourself in the salon.
10) Lastly the most important thing to avoid or reduce stress is to be proactive about your roles and responsibilities. Talk to your employer, take a transfer, clarify your job description, ask for new roles and responsibilities, and take a break from work.

Self-help techniques

Some self-help techniques are mentioned here for you to get relieved from stress and reach OM from OMG.

1) Meditate
2) Listen to music
3) Talk to friends
4) Get yourself a spa
5) Talk to yourself about the stressful situation
6) Eat right food
7) Laugh it out
8) Drink tea
9) Visit coffee shop
10) Buy yourself a new dress or any gift
11) Visit old home or orphanage
12) Help someone
13) Do a bit charity
14) Watch movie
15) Play video games/ mobile games
16) Watch comedy show / web series

Stress management exercises

Exercise is the best way to reduce stress:-

1) Swimming
2) Kick boxing
3) Yoga
4) Breathing exercise
5) Muscle relaxation

Overview & how to avoid stress

Stress is a part of life and you can’t avoid it, however you can avoid situations which lead to stress. You can also control how to respond in stressful situations.

Here are some ways to avoid stress:-

1) Avoid being in the company of stressed out people, they talk negative and that effects you psychologically.
2) Break big tasks into small ones and try to achieve these small tasks.
3) Take long breathes and tell your brain that you are not stressed out.
4) Broaden your perspective about small things in life which will have no existence in future.
5) Make your to-do list and bundle small tasks into single effort, for e.g. making appointment letters, notices, emails etc. make it as admin work pending.
6) Celebrate your small victories and pat your back.
7) Delegate work as much as possible.
8) Learn to say “no” often and don’t take unnecessary burden on self.

Why is it important to manage your stress?

It is important to manage stress because; it affects us physically and psychologically and changes our pattern of thinking and reacting to various situations.

The Science of stress

When you go through stress the brains undergoes both chemical and physical changes that affect its overall functioning. When such stress is left unmanaged it can lead to serious illness and problems like stroke, asthma and heart disease and also problems related to out thinking capacity.

Physical Effects

The ongoing stress in our body which is neither addresses or managed has several factors affecting our physical health. Even if we think, we are dealing with stress, our nervous system is overloaded which can result in physical disasters to ourselves.

The disruption of your body’s natural digestive processes can cause nausea, pain, vomiting, heartburn, constipation, acid reflux or diarrhea.

Psychological Effects

Stress does also cause lot of psychological which means mental and emotional disorders like depression, anxiety, phobias and panic attacks. The way physical stress effects cannot be taken lightly and shouldn’t be avoided.

To have a stress less life let’s share this to everyone we know and make a difference in another’s life.

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