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Paradigm changes in corporate training

Corporate Trainings have been an integral and important part of HR functions and development in the organization. Companies seem to be investing a lot more than earlier in training and development of the employees. The paradigm shift is happening where now more time is invested to understand the customized requirements of individual organization and then design the program accordingly.

The paradigm shift is seen in the patter of the requirements coming up from the corporate sector. With the digitalization and globalization, companies have started focusing on the training needs of the employees to improve their efficiency.

You must have observe that when you buy a car, from the second day itself you start noticing there are many people having the same. It is not about the perception, but you unknowingly follow the trend and this is a changing paradigm in corporate now, where the focus is changing, the requirements to groom is changing and becoming more substantial for the employees’ growth and organization as well.

English House has been researching on various topics of corporate grooming programs and now has bench-marked the training industry by offering the same to many in Ahmedabad city.

Focusing on the overall growth of the organization, we have designed many programs and modules which would bring changes in the paradigm of training in corporate.

  • Knowledge based
  • Technology driven
  • Customizing content
  • Staying updated with the trend
  • Setting standards
  • Case studies and example based

Using every tool to measure the effectiveness of training and conducting a training based on requirements has been a prime forte at English House. Having the network all over Ahmedabad, we constantly keep associating with partners to grow more and serve the best in the training industry.

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