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Manners & Etiquette for Professional and Social Life

Manners & Etiquette

Manners are polite behaviors that reflect an attitude of consideration, kindness and respect to others and etiquette is the code of conduct of such manners required in the social presence of an individual. Let’s learn manners & etiquette in detail here:-

Corporate manners

Manners are something which can be learnt and imbibed in ourselves, we mistakenly feel that we cannot learn manners or we would behave the way we are.

Some of the corporate manners which you have never thought or implemented can be these:-

  • Don’t go to office when you’re sick, instead stay home and get better for the next day.
  • Show up for meetings on time, and range meetings with a proper time gap and others to finish their chores.
  • Keep your mobile on vibrate or silent mode in the meetings or conferences to avoid disturbance to others.
  • Eat lunch in the cafeteria or lunch room instead eating it at your desk.
  • Don’t wear revealing clothes; let others see your skills not body parts.
  • Don’t use strong perfumes or colons in office.
  • Don’t take things without asking your co-workers, colleagues whether their food from the fridge or their personal things from their desks.

Social manners

Social manners are the behavior we do in common places or in general. Most of us would think why we need to have manners at home also or with our friends, but to maintain a healthy relation, we need to take care of the following:-

  • Don’t talk with your mouth full, it looks ugly and you may spit some food while talking.
  • Don’t shout- keep your voice down.
  • Open the doors of room, lifts, car etc for elderly and for women.
  • Don’t talk/crib behind others’ back.
  • Use your left hand when you sneeze or cough or turnaround from people if you do so.
  • Learn about telephone, email, roads, driving, eating manners also as you need to groom yourself for every manner.
  • Don’t point out other’s mistakes in common, try to take your friend and colleague to a separate place and then tell him about the mistake.
  • Don’t interrupt – its being selfish and ill-mannered.
  • Don’t swear – it would impress nobody and your status also looks low if you do so.
  • Always use Please and Thank you in your normal conversation with anybody.
  • Texting about being late at the birthday party or a social gathering for the other end people to be well prepared of your arrival or joining them for lunch/dinner outing etc.
  • Don’t show up at a party or an event empty handed unless you are asked to do so. Even if you are asked don’t make it a habit.

Without respect and consideration for others, we are nothing but savages.

Difference between manners & etiquette

Manners Etiquette
Manners are polite behaviors Etiquette is a code of behavior in the society.
Manners are taught to a child right from his birth, to talk politely, respect elders, be gentle, not to sneeze without keeping a tissue etc. Etiquette is a set of code of behavior to behave in the society, just like interview etiquette, dining etiquette etc.
Manners are more generalized unlike etiquette which is a specific code of conduct. Etiquette is very specific and it can’t be achieved if one doesn’t have good manners.
It is manners that lay the foundation for an individual. whereby the individual progresses by learning etiquette
Knowing and showing correct manners demonstrates you as a good individual. Knowing and implementing correct etiquette sets you class apart.

Rules of Etiquette

Etiquette is all about how to conduct you elegantly.

  • If you invite people for a dinner/lunch that means you pay for it, and when you say let’s all go out for dinner that means everyone pays for themselves.
  • Being a man, you will never carry a woman’s handbag; however you can carry her coat, shopping bags etc.
  • A well bred man will always respect woman.
  • In a woman’s presence, men will only smoke with her permission.
  • Whoever you are — a company director, an academician, an elderly woman, or a student — when you enter a room you should be the first person to greet everyone there.
  • Don’t touch your children’s/ spouse or friends mobile/wallet/closet without permission or in absence of them.
  • Avoid talking and laughing too loudly or staring at people.
  • Don’t comment on other’s clothes, appearance in public and make them feel embarrassed.

There are many such etiquette which you must practice and make it a habit to be a refined individual.

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