It was not just a wish, but our wholehearted determination that led a great startup

Rendezvous with English House

My meeting with English House initiated with the journey to offer excellence in English language to the netizens. The thought to travel through the path of research, developing an accurate model, course module, video sessions grabbed a huge chunk of my daily routine. I always believed in perfection and headed with a vision to offer nothing less than the best.

English House was a thought which was conceived long back in my mind and slowly took shape as an enterprising authority. My research fellows joined me with open hearts to achieve brilliance and gradually English House was born on 2nd July 2015 at Shyamal cross road..

Modus operandi

English House tried various methods of teaching and imparting English literacy to people. Lots of methods were used, audio video presentations, grammar skill tests, vocabulary building, understanding voice and accent, proper pronunciations which improved listening ,reading, writing and speaking skills of our students. Although it was a little tough to translate each and every word from the native language Gujarati to English, somehow the fun and humour in the classroom made it easy learning.

Research based learning

Our each module is based on the extensive research we have done on the subject. English professors and language experts have endorsed the methodology and the curriculum. I have been with the eagle’s eye approach to finalize the curriculum only after well-tried methodology. We have included only those important chapters, which benefits an individual in his routine and makes the learning easier to adapt.

Exceptional Team

My team is the core strength of English House’ success and one year milestone has been achieved with joint efforts. Wisdom of the team laid a strong foundation year for English House and the results are well acclaimed. Stepping beyond the boundaries of time, English House’ team members are the real heroes behind the success story. Days were hectic and students’ trusted us more and more, this led us to grow swiftly.

Our Proud Moments

English House is our baby turning 1 on July 2, 2016, and has made us proud not only just by her achievements but also with humility and grace. It is a matter of pride to me seeing our baby growing and embraces a good valued system. All those who have been strong pillars to make this baby grow have truly being the ones who are exceptionally talented and extraordinary.

Let us all work toward one goal in the same spirit and togetherness and achieve many more years of success in future. English House, we are proud to be a part of you.

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