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Increase Your Work Efficiency

Work Efficiency

Work performed within the time, energy and resources provided to its best performance is called as work efficiency.

Work efficiency depends on many parameters.

  • Delegate work and accomplish like a boss.
  • Create a to-do list or make the points clear on the focus areas for particular period.
  • Take regular small breaks and come back to the desk with even more hyper active mode.
  • Disconnect yourself from time wasting activities like social media checking, Whatsapp frequent messaging, and calling friends during work etc.
  • Sleep properly and have a regime of exercise, yoga or meditation. It controls your mood swings and gives you inner happiness to perform better.
  • Eat healthy and smart; the brain needs healthy snacking like having almonds, fruits, salads, walnut etc.

Employee’s logic

Employee’s logic for work efficiency differs than that of management. As an employee, he feels good salary; less working hours, proper technology, better incentives, no shifts, fixed jobs, higher rate of appraisal and the work can be done efficiently.

Management’s logic

As per the management efficiency is an important attribute because all inputs are scarce. Time, money and raw materials are limited, so it makes sense to try to conserve them while maintaining an acceptable level of output or a general production level. Being efficient simply means reducing the amount of wasted inputs is the management’s logic.

In service industry the time, resources, technology, tools, manpower and the services should be efficiently working within the given parameters and then it can be said as an efficient management system.

Less salaries, low level of production cost and yet the best output, low incentives and more work hours is the management’s logic.

Co-workers and team mates

Discuss and brainstorm with the intellectuals around instead wasting time on gossips. Learn from each other and implement a task or strategy if you find beneficial for the organization. Impart the knowledge you have so that you can excel in the same. Have a habit of learn & unlearn to be a better employee. Discuss important goal achievement and strategies during breaks with team mates.

How to be more efficient?

In today’s world it is really very important and difficult as well to cope up with work stress and targets. However, to be a good employee you need to be more efficient to stand out during appraisals and climb up for promotions.

  • Have a focused work desk, keep it clean and only have necessary things on the desk which doesn’t divert your attention.
  • Keep your desk well stocked for the small things required to achieve a goal or accomplish a task like stapler pins, pencils sharp, pens, markers, scales, documents, blank pages, relevant files etc.
  • Maintain your routine calendar and keep a check on your all tasks scheduled timely. It is said a stitch in time saves nine. Very important always maintain a deadline to achieve the task.
  • Have lean meetings and talk to the point.
  • Time is money so concentrate on saving time from useless tasks and keep focused.
  • Use technology to the fullest, it saves time and energy more and at the same time it the efficiency output is more.
  • Give yourself motivation and pamper yourself with the things you love, like shopping on weekends, watching movie to re-energize yourself.
  • Have a habit of rewarding yourself with the milestones you achieve within.

Important & Urgent work

Lot of people even entrepreneurs get confused between the urgent and important. Urgent tasks are mostly tasks that have an immediate deadline or a deadline that has passed.

Important Urgent
Important tasks contribute to long term goals and mission. Urgent tasks are to be dealt with immediately and promptly.
Important tasks get overlooked due to the urgent tasks always popping up. You have to make important tasks urgent by giving a deadline so that important tasks are also achieved.
It has to be done It has to be done quickly
Important is to exercise, yoga meditate and keep fit so that you are motivated and love yourself. Urgent is to have good food and keep well so that you can achieve you long term goals.
Important tasks doesn’t have deadline, but you need to fix one. Urgent tasks always come up with deadlines to finish.
Important is long run Urgent is short run
You can decide when to do the important tasks. You cannot decide, it comes with a deadline to accomplish.

Don’t get confused between the important and urgent and give equal importance to both.

  • What affects the work efficiency?
  • Identify the reasons of not being efficient
  • Better workplace can increase efficiency.
  • Mentoring and trainings help employees’ work efficiently with good knowledge.
  • Rewards and awards, appreciation or criticism plays a vital role.
  • Money is the key factor to increase work efficiency.
  • Skills drill is important.
  • Proper use of technology and having restrictions on internet sites.
  • Breaks are important.
  • Get together and outings for employees.
  • Measure the efficiency.
  • Understanding individual’s skill set.
  • Setting goals and targets.
  • Incentives and goodies.

There can be many such factors which effect the employee’s morale and efficiency.

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