Importance of Email Drafting

According to research by the McKinsey Global Institute, the average employee spends two and a half hours per day dealing with email. Now just imagine yourself not being appropriate in this daily chore activity.

We have two ways to communicate in our office i.e.

1) Email

2) Verbal.

Most of the companies entertain written communication as that is not only a proof to what has been decided but also reminds us of all what has been discussed. Wouldn’t it be great to demonstrate your professional skills by writing as a true pro in ever email you send? Yes, of course and it matters a lot to the management too. A task carried well, narrated properly and executed on time has a big vale to the company and the personnel are appreciated for the same.

Maggie Worth, Communications Director at the University of West Georgia, writes:

Employees who have demonstrated the ability to represent themselves and the company in a clear, compelling and professional manner are more likely to be chosen for advanced positions.

Email is supposed to be the first impression in the professional environment. Irrespective of the segment, industry or the designation, an email aptly written is regarded as the strong first impression to the receiver.

In other words, not writing a good professional and clear email makes you lose the status in the company and your seniors, colleagues will assume you are incompetent.

Is email writing an issue in today’s world?

Being asked this question, many would nod their heads as we all must have received poorly written emails which have no sense despite of being written grammatically correct. It doesn’t mean that if an email written by me makes sense to me so would do the same to all. We tend to perceive things as per our point of view and that creates havoc in penning down the same.

We at English House have an elaborative Email Writing Skills module, which lets you write the emails appropriately and also with proper styling of the same.

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