How your English language can change your lives in a better way?

The English language development program through soft skills training and personality development training sessions by English house has been intended to give a useful language platform which can fundamentally enhance your performance and expand your horizons of work. It’s been a year since English House has started to serve the industry with twisting taste for English language, personality development and corporate training from small organizations to bigger ones which includes academic institutions, hospitals etc.

The English language development program courses

For a year members experience a progression of advancement stages in which the communication skills of listening, talking, reading and writing, in conjunction with grammatical structures, the phonetics in speech, and situational applications. These specialized training are provided by skilled professionals which are the main focus to make them fluent in English language. The specialty of English speaking class with English House is that they provide training to all age groups and they engage the students with some activities like spelling game, drama, vocabulary game, sentence game etc. One of the most important factors to consider is that English language will be fluent only if you continuously communicate each other in English. So these types of activities will give a platform to communicate in English and to wipe off all the fear of not being fluent.

When the trainers are confident enough about your fluency, they will make students to take part in particular courses which can help them in future professional applications. These courses are workshops taking into account real-life simulations with specific work, and train them on communication performance skills at a very high level.


What you can achieve through English House?

  • Speaking fluency
  • High level of communication skills
  • Confidence in meetings
  • Successful business connections
  • Professional situations understanding

Who can join our program?

  • University faculties
  • Members of international organizations
  • Management teams from corporations
  • School and college students
  • Staff of hospitals

In a nutshell, all persons who wish to improve your fluency can be a part of us regardless of their age groups and professions. Separate training sessions are developed based on the fluency level of members.

How can you benefit from English House?

  • Your career horizons can be expanded with improved use of fluent English
  • Consistent academic success with developed English language ability
  • Personality development in all functional areas of life
  • Contacts that maintained worldwide through English fluency can change your life

How your communication skills will improve with us?

  • Clear pronunciation will improve closer contacts
  • Good grammatical usage and wider vocabulary usage through special sessions
  • Good idioms usage will provide you better acceptance

Thus better communication skills grow with you to improve your life and confidence.

How we make every session exciting?

  • Our sessions recreate opportunities and life and not like a mere school
  • Teaching materials are grabbed from reality
  • We conduct interactive seminars and workshops
  • Our students learn to live in English language with our multi-talented trainers

English house provides short and long term courses based on the student requirement. In the past one year we could satisfy our clients our training sessions and our certificate after successful training is a proof that you are a master of English language. The English language training program is unique and enhances your capacity to think and talk in English. Our growth lies in your true feedbacks, reviews and continuous inspiration. We are trying our best to maintain the quality of service even better and affordable.

Come and experience what the real English language can do to your lives….

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