Employee Communication

Improve employee’s (workplace ) communication for better organization

Employee communication is the key to build a world class organization. Many companies fail to do so and lack in their strategy from becoming good to best in their genre.

It plays a vital role to operate smoothly and enhances the ability to be more productive. Many researches have shown that effective lateral ad work group communication leads to overall improvement in the organization which can be felt as well as measured. For e.g. the boss/superior narrates the particular job to be done in a precise manner, the employee/junior takes the description properly and do the job exactly as it was narrated. This not only saves time of the management, but also enhances the productivity of the employees of that organization.

Employee satisfaction leads to less employee turnover of the organization. This can be achieved when there is a proper communication at the work place of an individual. Proper feedbacks, appreciations, response leads to increase in job satisfaction of the employee especially when he/she is applauded, appreciated and heard properly. This is a type of upward communication. The employees suggest an action for particular job and share the proposals. When the downward communication by the superiors is also done on time and action with appreciation is done, it results in a happy team work at both the ends.

Proper communication can also lead to less absenteeism, dedication to the organization and a responsibility of the work undertaken is realized.  Employees start taking ownership of the work when they know their ideas; thoughts are being appreciated and heard and play an important role in the growth of the company.

A happy and flourished company is the one which has a complete employee satisfaction environment and proper communication.

We at English House have designed a course “English for Employees”. This will enable growth in your organization and streamline the operations at your end. Employees love being updated by the management & management is always in favor of reducing expenses like employee turnover, overpaid employee hiring etc.

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