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Easy ways to improve your English language skill

Find a perfect partner

You become who you hang out with. So if you want to master English, surround yourself with the people and the environment which can nurture your English.


It stands for Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. Be a good listener and pay attention to what others speak and newsreader reads. Be a voracious reader. Read slowly but carefully. Be a prolific writer. Note down your ideas on paper. Be a good speaker. Give tongue to your opinions by speaking.

Talk to yourself

Invest every second of your free time in English. Start thinking in English. Imagine yourself in a particular situation and handle it in your way. You WILL find words or sentences you cannot translate. Jot them down in a special diary and show them to us.

Have fun with it

Talk to a customer care executive and learn about plans. Go to a mall and inquire about products in detail. Conduct role-plays, group discussion and small talk with your friends. These fun activities not only teaches you English but boosts your confidence also.

Dive in

Migrate from your comfort zone to courage zone. Today is the first day of rest of your life. What you do today, will decide your future. Be iron-willed and write the future in your favour by mastering English.

Note: Know your purpose. Enlist at least 5 reasons as to why do you want to improve English on a paper. Frame that paper and hang it on a wall, which will keep reminding you of your goal. Our English Counselors can also help you in this task.

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