Develop your human skills

Develop your human skills

As an employee, your productivity was measured and compared with your co-workers. Your superior normally did this through some kind of formal appraisal. Your promotion may have depended on these appraisals.

When you become a supervisor, you are measured by the productivity of your department or section. This means your future depends on how well your crew performs. If you employ the human skills that motivate your staff to produce more, you will be recognized for doing a good job. If the opposite happens, your job may be in jeopardy.

To test your understanding, please answer the following in True or False.

Nothing should receive higher priority than helping an employee reach his or her productivity potential.
A drop in productivity by a reliable employee need not be dealt with immediately as it might cause resentment.
Employees will often produce more for one supervision than for another.
A disruptive employee who reduces the productivity of co-workers must be dealt with immediately.
Some employees with modest personal productivity can help the productivity of others so much that they are highly regarded by supervisors.
Most employees have higher productivity potential than they realise.
Generally speaking, the more employees produce, the better they feel about themselves.
Human skills are easier to learn than technical skills.
A think-smart supervisor can do less personally and still have the highest producing department.
A ‘golden’ employee is the one who produces at a high level, and also contributes measurably to the productivity of co-workers.


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