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change your Accent

English language is highly valued in our society today. Despite this not much attention is given to speaking skills or even the pronunciation.

I am not a linguistic expert, but I would like to share my opinions and talk about a few problems faced with mother tongue influence and how to overcome them.

Mother tongue influence is basically the accent or the native language we learn while growing up. This is carried when learning a new language. Firstly it should be commonly understood as how did we learn our mother tongue. ‘Of course by listening’, so sound of the language plays an important role. So to learn the English language effectively don’t we have to adopt the same?

Certain common issues faced while overcoming mother tongue influence are:

• Not much attention or importance is given to the pronunciation or even the sound which is as important as grammar and vocabulary.
• The common tendency of first translating in their own mother tongue and then speaking, but we fail to remember this that every language has their own set of grammar rules.
Initially that may be permissible, but gradually we have to overcome.

So a few tips to overcome mother tongue influence to learn the English language effectively are:

• Try imitating a person who is quite proficient. Listen to the sound. Repeat it over and over to get a better sound.
• Pay attention to the pronunciation and make list of those words.
• Pay attention to alphabets stressed in the word. Sometimes its disappointing that we don’t get the expected results that’s because we haven’t found our own way of learning. Try and this will turn into a habit.
• Have a positive approach. Surround yourself with English. Start watching English movies, serials, news, etc. Start reading books in English if you don’t understand, a good dictionary may help. Listen to the sound of the words.
• Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Figure out which method you can adopt to learn this language effectively. (Eg., writing, reading, listening etc.)
• Review, try to remember words.
• Set goals for yourself.
• Have a positive approach by unlearning your mistakes.
• We become better only when we try, So keep learning.

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