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How Corporate Training Beneficial For Your Business?

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To run a successful business is not the task for any amateur. You need to have proper knowledge and training to handle difficult situations that can arise in your company. Corporate training can help you and your employees to widen your vision for the betterment of your business. Training given under appropriate environment and with […]

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Overview of Team Building | English House Academy

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A group of people organized to work together interdependently and cooperatively to meet the goals and targets is called as Team Building. The purpose of team building The purpose of team building is to create effectiveness of every individual to cooperate for the purpose of the team. To create productivity in the employees. To omit […]


Few Tips to Improve Your Written Communication Skills

Soft Skill Training Written Communication Skills

Communication performed using any written format is called Written Communication and in today’s digital world where every second we update our status on social media or tweet for updates, written communication is the key to success. It is word based communication such as letters, emails, memos, notices, notes, messages etc. “The way you communicate reveals […]