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Conflict management

Conflict management is the practice of being able to handle conflicts between individuals and groups fairly, effectively and sensibly. Conflicts are a part of the company and there are people who understand conflicts and can resolve them.   Ø How to…..

Human Skills

Develop Your Human Skills

As an employee, your productivity was measured and compared with your co-workers. Your superior normally did this through some kind of formal appraisal. Your promotion may have depended on these appraisals. When you become a supervisor, you are measured by…..

team building

Overview of Team Building | English House Academy

A group of people organized to work together interdependently and cooperatively to meet the goals and targets is called as Team Building. The purpose of team building The purpose of team building is to create effectiveness of every individual to…..


Few Tips to Improve Your Written Communication Skills

Communication performed using any written format is called Written Communication and in today’s digital world where every second we update our status on social media or tweet for updates, written communication is the key to success. It is word based…..

learn English

How One Can Learn Spoken English?

It is not a rocket science to learn English as it is a language without technical skills required. It can be mastered with practice and understanding the concepts of grammar. To speak English it only requires a good vocabulary. If…..

Why students should learn English before going to college

Communicating in English is the most important life skill. Period. Though English is very essential for all age groups, it holds special importance for students. Till high school, education can be taken in regional language, but all graduate courses are…..